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Nutrisafe Tubes

Nutrisafe is the new enteral feeding system and is suitable for use in small animals. It has been designed to improve the safety of enteral feeding through incompatibility with the standard luer system. The Nutrisafe range includes specially adapted feeding tubes, syringes and other accessories. The range is colour-coded purple for easy identification as enteral devices. Numbered graduations every centimeter aid placement and monitoring. The rounded tip provides atraumatic insertion. A suitable tube should be selected according to animal size and intended duration of use.

The manufacture DO NOT recommend sterilising the tubes and syringes with boiling water, they suggest using warm soapy water then rinsed with cool boiled water or a cold sterilise solution as this prolongs the life of both tube and syringes after constant use.

Abnoba Pet Store cannot be held responsible for the improper use of these products or for any injuries inflicted by the use of these products. Tube feeding should only be undertaken by suitably trained persons or under veterinary guidance.