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Nursers with Nipples

If a newborn puppy or kitten isn’t able to nurse well enough because it’s too small, too weak, or has too much competition from litter mates, you can supplement with formula given by a bottle, tube or syringe.
Feeding with a syringe nurser is a preferred choice by many breeders as you can easily see how much milk your baby is taking with minimal to no air intake

American Style Long Teat Nurser (Cleft Babies), 

These nursers are ideal for cleft babies due to the longer silicone underlay teat. These Syringe Nursers come with a premade hole.

American Style Standard Realistic Feel Simple Teat, without premade hole

American Style Syringe nursers that come without a premade hole and have a more realistic feel to them. To make the hole there are a couple of options we recommend

1) Puncture the top of the teat with a a hot needle, Leave the needle in the teat until it goes cold, you may need to do this a few times to get the correct hole size.
2) cut a small X at tip of teat. Be careful: too large an opening in the teat can cause gagging.

American Style with a Premade Hole
 (A modified teat which has a silicone under teat and a realistic feel teat over.)

American Style premade hole nursers, these have been modified and have 2 teats, the underlay silicone teat has a premade hole making them perfect for breeders who prefer not to make the hole themselves.

DO NOT allow the puppy or kitten to chew on the teat. If you find them chewing, rather than sucking, it has finished feeding and the syringe should be withdrawn.

Cleaning: Clean the Syringe and teat thoroughly after each use. To clean these Syringe nursers you can remove the white plunger fully then clean both parts with hot NOT BOILING soapy water. We find that using warm soapy water then rinsed with cool boiled water or a cold sterilise solution works best. If sterilising solution is used, rinse thoroughly afterwards.

NOTE: Please be advised that the ink on the syringes may not stay on with multiple cleanings. We advise to either mark the syringe with a marker or to put a clear varnish over the graduations, and purchasing some spare nursers as a backup.

These o-ring syringes will out last most other syringes that are available

*The make of the silicone o-ring syringe may vary depending availability