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Resuscitation Products

Resuscitation Products and Life Drops

We have a range of products for clearing the fluid and mucus from the nose and mouth of puppies. Our range covers products for the first-time breeder to professional breeders and veterinary practices.

Delee style mucus extractor.

Used to clear the mouth of the puppy or kitten of fluids. By gently sucking on the one end of the device, fluid is drawn up and caught in the trap. Contamination is prevented by the special filter on the device that prevents pathogens passing through to the operator.

Bulb Aspirator

Used to clear the nostrils on the newborn (for best results use after suctioning with the delee mucus extractor). A simple rubber bulb that’s very effective in use, a must for every breeder.

One Puff Aspirator and Resuscitator, By McCulloch Medical

For the professional breeder and veterinary surgery, a hand-held, two-part aspiration/resuscitation instrument designed to clear breathing passages and stimulate first breaths of newborn puppies and kittens. The Aspirator Pump “A” suctions mucus out of airways and the Resuscitator Pump “B” provides a controlled puff of air to stimulate respiratory reflex. Because the One Puff™ delivers a controlled amount of air (5-10 ml), it is a safe and effective alternative to traditional methods such as mouth to mouth resuscitation. It is especially effective for C-section births. In addition, the Resuscitator Pump “B” may also be attached directly to oxygen and the Resuscitator Mask “B” can be detached and used as an oxygen and/or anesthesia mask. The McCulloch Medical™ One Puff™ includes a clear-front carrying/wall mounted case and two-year warranty against defects.

Puppy Life Drops and Life Drops Spray

Herbal Kick Start Use to Kick Start the vital force in new born animals that are struggling. Elderly animals also benefit from Life Drop warming actions. Should be part of every breeders birthing kit.

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