Welpi Milk 250g & Lactol Feeding Set



The ideal substitute for bitches milk

Welpi® Milk 250g  is ideal for puppies, bitches, convalescing and aging dogs as a nutritional supplement delivering essential vitamins and minerals throughout a dog’s life. Welpi® is the ideal substitute and closest approximation to bitches milk.

Lactol Feeding Set : The Beaphar Lactol Feeding Set contains a feeding bottle, four teats and a cleaning brush. This bottle is designed for feeding newborn and growing animals (puppies, kittens, guinea pigs, rabbits, hedgehogs etc.) It can also be used for feeding sick or recuperating animals.

Puncture the top of the teat with a needle or cut a small piece off the top with scissors. Be careful: too large an opening in the teat can cause gagging. Do not allow young animals to chew on the teat. If an animal is chewing, rather than sucking, it has finished feeding and the bottle should be withdrawn. Clean the bottle and rubber teat thoroughly after each use. If dish-washing liquid is used, rinse thoroughly afterwards.

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Welpi Milk 250g & Lactol Feeding Set

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