Trixie Puppy Loo Small & Large

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Trixie Puppy Loo Small & Large



Trixie Puppy Loo Small & Large

Puppy Loo Puppy Toilet

  • Fast and effective house training
  • Folding frame provides secure hold for puppy pads even if they are completely soaked
  • Non-slip due to rubber feet
  • Colour: beige/cream
  • Small – 49 × 41 cm
  • Large – 65 × 55 cm

Puppy Pad

  • Made of long fibrous, natural cellulose
  • Extremely absorbent
  • Fast and effective training
  • Can also be used in dog baskets or beds in case of incontinence
  • Foil base, impermeable to moisture
  • Sealed rim prevents moisture from escaping
  • Small – 40 × 60 cm
  • Large – 60 × 60 cm

Training Oil

  • Essential oil to apply onto the Nappy house training padding
  • Fast and effective training
  • Odour enables the puppy to smell out the padding easier and faster

  1. Find a confined area to put the pad/toilet – Away from sleeping and eating areas
  2. Secure the pad in the toilet so it will stay in place
  3. Put a couple of drops of the training oil on the pad – odour enables the puppy to smell out the padding easier and faster
  4. Watch for signs and take puppy to pad/toilet
  5. If you want your puppy to eventually relieve outside gradually move toilet closer to the door you will be using to let the puppy outside to relieve himself eventually the toilet will be outside door until they then use the garden and pad/toilet can be taken away

How to Train a Puppy to Pee on a Pad

Teaching your puppy to pee on a pad is very similar to teaching him to relieve himself on newspapers. Instead of newspapers you’ll be using house training pads that are secured in place in the toilet to stop the pads being ripped up or sliding across the floor as they are designed for the purpose.

Choosing Where to Put the Pads

In order to train your puppy to use house training pads you should place the pads in the area you have chosen for your puppy to use and put a couple of drops of the training oil odour enables the puppy to smell out the padding easier and faster, Ideally, this will be a somewhat confined area so your puppy will have a smaller choice about places to go. A kitchen, den or laundry room often makes a good choice. Any room with a tile or linoleum floor is a good choice since floors of this type are easy to clean if your puppy has an accident. You will not want to place the puppy training pads/toilet near your dog’s sleeping or eating areas since he will have an aversion to relieving himself near those places.

Watch For Signs

Once you have everything set up you should help your dog get started using the toilet. You can do this by spending time with him and watching for signs that he needs to relieve himself. As soon as you see the signs, take your puppy to the toilet and give him a word so he can associate it with the pad such as “potty” Your puppy should use the house training pad as designed. Make sure you praise your puppy to let him know that he’s done a good thing.

Put Your Puppy on a Schedule

Although your puppy may catch on that he’s supposed to use the house training pad/toilet, he may still need frequent encouragement at first. You can help your puppy if you will put him on a definite schedule. Take your puppy to the pad/toilet as soon as he wakes up in the morning, right after he eats, when he wakes up from naps, and right after he has a big play session. These are all times when puppies usually need to potty. You should also make sure your puppy uses the pad/toilet before he goes to sleep at night.

Watch For Accidents

You’ll also need to be on the lookout for accidents. Watch your puppy for signs that he needs to relieve himself. When you see him acting suspiciously go ahead and take him to the pad/toilet, just in case. As your puppy gets a little older he will become more reliable about using the pad/toilet on his own.

Your puppy will almost certainly have a few accidents so don’t be surprised by them. He’s only a puppy and he will make mistakes. If you catch your puppy in the act of having an accident then you should clap your hands or make some other loud noise to startle him and let him know that this is inappropriate behaviour. Carry him to the house training pad/toilet and encourage him to finish there. Then praise him.

If you find an accident after it’s already happened, let it go. Puppies have a short attention span and if you punish your puppy for something that’s already happened he won’t have any idea why he’s being punished. Instead, take the blame yourself and make a mental note to watch for the signs more closely the next time.

Toy dogs and some other small breeds may be harder to house train so you should be extra patient with them. If they have accidents simply continue to take them back to the house training pad/toilet. They should eventually get the idea.

Many large breed puppies can learn to use house training pads but they will almost always prefer to go outside to relieve themselves if given a choice.

Training your puppy how to pee on a pad isn’t that hard but it does take persistence on your part. Follow the suggestions offered here and your puppy should learn to use a pad very quickly.

Trixie Puppy Loo Small & Large