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Sterile Umbilical Cord Clamps Qty 6 (Single Wrapped)



These cord clamps are a new product for Abnoba Pet Store and are packed in singles in sterile packaging, these are smaller than our reusuable cord clamps.

Some breeders will need to help there females deliver there babies and you may notice that the puppy/kitten is still gasping even after it has been rubbed up fluid taken from airways and dried etc this may actually be due to the cord bleeding and will need to tied or clamped off. If you are on your own or you get a bleeder with another puppy/kitten on route you may find it easier to use the cord clamps as much quicker than trying to tie off as quite fidly anyway and more so when on your own once clamped off you can then concentrate on the next arrival.

We have used the cord clamps many times on our own puppies and we remove the clamp as soon as we feel cord has stopped bleeding which is usually within the hour – We don’t put with mum while the clamp is on so she does not pull at the clamp while cleaning. If you are unsure whether the cord has stopped bleeding but you have time you can tie the cord just below clamp then remove.

6 Sterile Single Wrapped Umbilical Cord Clamps.
As this item is sterile we only accept returns on unopened kits so please only open when you are ready to use them.
Abnoba Pet Store is not responsible for mis-use of any products sold, if i any doubt please consult your vet.

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Sterile Umbilical Cord Clamps Qty 6 (Single Wrapped)

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