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SAGEWASH SANITIZER SWST-01-03 Jacketed Tablets x3



SAGEWASH SANITIZER SWST-01-03 Jacketed Tablets x3

Sagewash Sanitizer SWST-01-03 Tablets; Packed in a Tub of 3 Tablets, Sagewash Tablets are specifically designed to be used with the Sagewash Sanitizer Hydro Venturi Spray Gun.Each Tablet last an incredible length of time and will produce between 2000 – 3500 litres of Sanitizing Solution depending on the Sagewash System being used @ 70 -90ppm or 250ppm or 400ppm levels of Free Available Chlorine; Manufactured using Calcium Hypochlorite @ minimum levels of 68%; The Sagewash tablets are specially Jacketed and Fully Patented.

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Weight:  1100.0000
SAGEWASH SANITIZER SWST-01-03 Jacketed Tablets x3

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