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Sagewash Sanitizer Solution 750ml Trigger Spray – Used in whelping areas and boxs



We use this in our whelping box

Sagewash – 750 Ready to Use Trigger Spray

Features & Benefits

Sagewash Sanitizer Solution is:

99.99 & Effective against E-coli, Listeria,Salmonella,MRSA, Distemper, canine Parvo Virus, Bordetella and so much more
PH Balanced to 6.1 to be super effective and safe;
Tested & Approved to EN1276, EN1650
Large 750 ml Trigger Spray


Is a specially designed ready to use solution that is ideal for thoroughly cleansing hard surfaces and effective against many human and animal viruses and bacteria. Supplied in a handy 750ml trigger spray dispenser,

Sagewash Sanitizing Solution is a Calcium- Hypochlorite solution produced at 250ppm @ a PH balance between 6.0 and 6.2 which equates to 98% hypochlorous acid at 10oC, as opposed to liquid bleach (Sodium-Hypochlorite) at ph 10.0 with only 5% hypochlorous acid at the same temperature.

Sagewash Sanitizer is 10 times below the classified limit for dangerous chemicals, which means the mixture is harmless, as verified by Bureau Veritas.

Tested to European Standards: EN1276, EN1650 and EN1656

The advantages are: • Cleans and freshens • Sanitizes: Pet areas – dog houses, dog yards, water bowls, dog crates, kennel runs, pet cages, cat condos • Quickly cleans: Mops, scrub brushes, and door mats • Reaches: hard to clean areas cracks, corners and crevices • Dog Play Areas: any type of ground cover including gravel, cement, wood chips or artificial turf • Sanitizes equipment and facilities


Adjust nozzle to spray or jet and liberally apply with a trigger action to all surfaces and leave for up to 5 minutes, then wipe with a clean dry paper towel.


spray directly on to humans or animals and ensure adequate ventilation. Allow surfaces to dry after application.

Sagewash Sanitizer Solution; 750ml Trigger Spray; Multi Use Hard Surface Disinfectant for use in both Foodservice / Catering establishments

Additional Information
Weight:  950.0000
Sagewash Sanitizer Solution

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