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Reusable Collection Cone Kit



1 x Collecting Cone
4  x Centrifuge Test Tube 15ml (Conical Bottom,Graduated N/S)
4 x 10ml Sterile Syringes.


Size –

Collection Cone – 70mm Dia x 165mm Long (approx)

15ml Centrifuge Tube – 120mm Long (approx)

Semen collection can be very simple. A female in heat is brought and is used to tease the male. When he tries to mount her, his penis is redirected into the collection cone and stimulated to cause him to ejaculate.

The collection cone and attached plastic tube are warmed to body temperature and can, if required, be lubricated with a small amount of sterile aqueous lubricant.

The quality of the sample will be much higher with a bitch in full estrus present (teaser bitch), collecting samples without a suitable teaser may result in the inability to collect a sample or a poor quality sample which may not be good enough for your needs.

Additional Information
Weight:  500.0000
Reusable Collection Cone Kit

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