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Puppy Whelping Kit Cord Clamps Forceps Thermometer Scissors Aspirator Gel Wipes (849)



*All whelping kits come in a sealed bag keeping everything clean and together until ready to use it

    • 1 x Kidney Dish - keeping all of your instruments together and to hand while helping to deliver and/or putting placenta's in after each puppy/Kitten
    • 1 x Sterile Stainless Steel Scissors (Blunt/Blunt for safety) - Cutting cord should you need to a lot of mum's don't chew cord after delivering.

    • 1 x Sterile Stainless Steel forceps - Clamping of the cord before cutting should it be required. We find these useful if our girl has a retained placenta but puppy has been born with cord attached to placenta so we clamp close to mum so we can cut the cord and to stop placenta going further inside.

    • 6 x Sterile Alcohol Wipes - Clean instruments in-between use. This is our preferred wipe for cleaning medical instruments, it provides superior anti-microbrial properties over the standard 70% Sani Cloth (which we find too dry) has more liquid content providing a better clean, the chlorhexcidine gives added protection killing germs after the alcohol evaporates.

    • 1 x Medical Grade Digital Thermometer with storage case (Colour May vary) 12 - 24 hours prior to giving birth, the mother's temperature may drop. (Normally at least One degree drop indicates labour starting) Record temperature on the PDF chart that is included

    • 5 x Sterile Cord Clamps - Pinch off umbilical cords in an emergency. These are for use for short time only and removed as soon as you feel bleeding as stopped, Easy to apply

    • 2 x 5g Sterile Lubricating jelly sachets - Help loosen the puppy/kitten when delivering and to also place on the thermometer during temp checks. Record results on the PDF Sheet included

    • 1 x Sterile Bulb Aspirator - Useful tool for removing mucus/fluid from puppies nose and mouth

    • Free whelping guide leaflet this was put together by us from our own experience of breeding.

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Puppy Whelping Kit Cord Clamps Forceps Thermometer Scissors Aspirator Gel Wipes

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