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Petlife Hottie Red & White Polka Dot. Microwaves in minutes, stays warm for hours



Brand New to Abnoba Pet Store

Hottie® Red with White Polka Dot.

The microwavable heat pad is Just like a hot water bottle, the Hottie® gives continuous gentle warmth. It can be heated in the microwave and lasts for hours helping with muscle relaxation, to relieve injury and reduce stress.The pet pad can be used on its own or placed in a pet bed or carrier. The gentle moderate warmth is ideal to aid recovery and reduce stress after a visit to the vet or kennels and eases aches and pains in cat, dogs and other pets. We find these perfectly suited for newborn pups that need to go to vets or leaving vets after a C Section.

The Pet Hottie has its water safely absorbed onto special material, permanently sealed in the thermal pack to avoid leaks, splashes or spills. Your microwaving hotties insulating decorative cover releases heat gently and progressively for longer lasting comfort and warmth.

All Microwaves are diffderent – they vary in power rating, efficiency and evenness of heating. To get the best results from your pet hottie FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY

So what makes a Hottie – Stay HOT

Inside each Hottie Heat Pad is an immensely strong, durable, sealed pouch, containing several layers of a specially woven paper based material. This material contains a unique cell structure, enabling it to absorb an unbelievable amount of locked-in liquid which is the secret of how the Hottie retains its heat for hour upon hour. What makes the Hottie so safe is the liquid is none other than natural water and a small amount of anti-mould preservative.

There are no harmful additives.

  • Microwaves in minutes, stays warm for hours
  • Provides extra warmth and comfort in cold weather, times of stress and recuperation
    Patented inner thermal pack
  • Chew and claw resistant
  • No wheats, no gels, no waxes – safe for the animal
  • Clinically proven to relieve aches and pains
  • 5 layer plastic pouch with medical grade non-woven material soaked in water
  • Added preservative to prevent decay
  • Precise amount of water to scientifically calculate the microwave heating time
  • Can be used on its own, or underneath a Vetbed
  • Perfect to take puppies to or from vets
  • Soft and comfortable to lay on due to its thick fleece cover
  • 8″ x 9″ Approx
  • Removable washable Cover
Additional Information
Weight:  700.0000
Petlife Hottie Red & White Polka Dot. Microwaves in minutes, stays warm for hours