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O-ring Syringes with Petag Elongated Nipples (set of 3 – 3 sizes)




  • 3 o-ring syringes and 3 PetAg Elongated Nipples ( Syringes currently available are 2ml & 5ml & 20ml)

These nipples and syringes are invaluable for anyone trying to rear very young or weak animals.

These teats fit snugly and securely onto the end of our O-Ring syringes making it much easier to see how much the animal has been fed. Our O-ring feeding syringes are perfectly suited for infant mammals such as squirrels, kittens, skunk, opossum, small breed puppies including cleft babies and other similar small mammals.

* Normal 2 and 3 part syringes that are being sold as feeding syringes have lubricant coating on the inside, once when reused this coating gets washed away causing the syringes to jam then release suddenly risking your precious newborn aspirating milk or other liquids. These syringes that we supply for feeding use have a different design, they won’t last forever but they offer nonstick operation for better feeding control.

  • Washable and reusable again and again
  • Each syringe is sterile-packed and BPA-free
  • Black markings for easier reading (The markings may wear off after time due to constant cleaning)
  • Warnings: Do not allow young animals to chew on the nipple. If an animal is chewing, rather than sucking, it has finished feeding and the teat should be withdrawn. Clean the nipples thoroughly after each use.

*All sterile items are packaged as single use items only! Many breeders ourselves included will often re use the items for more than one litter. We just re sterilise all instruments before each litter.

* You may find that the markings on syringe will fade/dissapear after a being sterilised a few times we recommend marking the syringe with a marker pen, or purchasing some spare syringes as a backup.

All whelping products are used by ourselves, tried, tested and satisfied with the results!

O-ring Syringes with Petag