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Nursing Sponge Kit Wedges & Feeding Syringes x 8 Sponges



  • 8 x Sponge Wedges
  • 2 x Sterile oring Syringes

Breeders sometimes are faced with a puppy that is not feeding properly because the mom has little milk or the siblings are pushing the weaker one away.

These nursing sponges are used for puppies/kittens or other babies that are to weak to nurse from the mother or from nursers. These wedges are a great size, shape, and density to help a puppy or kitten get a similar sucking action and milk reward as from its mother. The benefits of sponge feeding is you are able to clearly measure how much formula the puppy or kitten is getting, strengthening the natural suckling action, and preventing aspiration that can sometimes happen from bottle feeding and it also takes away the human stress of supplementing via tube feeding. It also takes less time than bottle feeding.
These Sponges are made from unique latex-free material.

Our feeding syringes are perfectly suited for feeding small animals, normal 2 and 3 part syringes have lubricant coating on the inside, once when reused this coating gets washed away causing the syringes to jam. The syringes we supply for feeding use have a different design, they won’t last forever but they won’t jam then release suddenly risking your precious newborn aspirating milk or other liquids.

Wash with mild soap and water, and allow them to air dry. When the sponges are wet the wedges will expand but will return to original size when dry.

*All sterile items are packaged as single use items only! Many breeders ourselves included will often re use the items for more than one litter. We just re sterilise all instruments before each litter.

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Nursing Sponge Kit Wedges & Feeding Syringes

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