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NEW Johnsons Fipronil Spot On Cat - 15 Weeks Protection



WHAT IS fipronil spot-on?

Each pipette of product contains 50mg of the active ingredient Fipronil.

WHAT IS fipronil spot-on USED FOR?
Johnson’s fipronil Spot-on is used for the treatment of infestations by fleas and ticks.

The product shows immediate effect against fleas and persistent activity against new infestations for up to 5 weeks.

The product kills ticks within 48 hours. so here's the facts...


  1. Veterinary strength flea control
  2. Contains same active ingredient as the market leader for the treatment of fleas and ticks
  3. Fast acting - fleas are killed within 24 hours;
  4. ticks are killed within 48 hours
  5. Long-lasting - Effective against fleas for up to 5 weeks
  6. Use on cats and kittens from 8 weeks old

why spot on...

Fleas and ticks are becoming an increasing problem with pet owners. Fipronil Spot-on is an easy yet effective way of protecting your pet against flea and tick infestation. Regular treatment offers year round protection and each pipette lasts for up to 5 weeks.

the flea lifecycle Only 5% of the entire flea population is the adult flea! That means that for every 5 fleas you see, there are 95 eggs, larvae or pupae elsewhere.

To think that every adult female can lay 2,000 eggs (50 a day) is pretty scary, so you can see how even a few adults can mean serious problems in a short period of time if your pets aren’t protected. 

  1. The flea lifecycle begins when the adult fleas lay eggs in the pet’s coat.
  2. The eggs drop off as the pet moves around the home.
  3. Within a few days the eggs hatch into larvae.
  4. Pupae develop before hatching as new adult fleas to complete the life cycle.

For ticks...

Ticks wait at the top of vegetation for unsuspecting animals and can also attach to humans. They can be found in parks, woodlands and fields etc.
 They transmit disease after 48 hours and are most active in the Spring and Summer, with females capable of laying 2,000 to 18,000 eggs!
 Ticks can transmit infections to humans including Lyme disease which can cause long term health complications

How to apply product

  1. Hold the pipette upright.
  2. Tap the narrow part of the pipette to ensure the contents are within the main body of the pipette.
  3. Break back the snap-off top from the pipette along the scored line.
  4. Part the coat between the shoulder blades until the skin is visible.
  5. Place the tip of the pipette on the skin and squeeze gently at one or two spots to empty its contents onto the skin.

Additional Information
Weight:  200.0000
Kills Fleas & Ticks

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