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Paw Butter


Pedi Time: Click, click, click means your dog’s nails need trimming. Yep, if you can hear them, they are too long. Have your vet or groomer show you how to do this, if you are unsure. If nail trimming is one of those battle royale events, let the groomer or vet do it. Just remember to keep them trimmed!

Paw Peering: Look between toes for anything that should not be there: thorns, rocks, glass, gum, anything undesired. Do this at least weekly, if possible.

Moisturizing Moment: Wipe their paw pads off using a wet wipe, one of those way cool plunger things (why did I not think of THAT?). Then apply Paw Butter™ using the twist-tube applicator or if you prefer the tins, using a dab on your fingers. We recommend you give them a treat or toy to distract them from licking. Even if they DO lick it off, some will be absorbed and it will not hurt them. If you have a “licker” then we suggest you rub it in more. Tip: if you have carpeting or nice furniture (I envy you-kidding, but only a little), allow PAW BUTTER to absorb for 10-15 minutes before allowing them access.

Deep Tissue Paw Massage: When you have time, give your dog more of a massage. Start with the big pad, rubbing PAW BUTTER deeply into their pads and move onto each toe pad.

Apply First Aid: Little cuts (less than 1/2 inch or so-use common sense) can be cleaned with an antiseptic pad. Bigger cuts or one that is bleeding a lot need to be seen by a vet. Boo Boo Butter can be used for after care. I gotta say it: Seek veterinarian advice if your dog has an injury to their paw.

the blissful dog paw butter productsSnip and Trim: Trim paw hair regularly to avoid painful matting. Simply comb hair out, especially from between the toes, and trim even with the pads. Note: Not everyone feels dogs need to have the hair trimmed, this is your personal preference. AND if you are not comfortable doing this, have your groomer do it.

Hot! Hot! = Dry Dog Paws: Touch your forearm to the sidewalk to see if it is too hot for your dog to walk comfortably on. If it hurts you, it will probably hurt them. Hot sidewalks and sand can burn! Your dog wants to be with you and will suffer to do so. For minor burns, clean with antibacterial cleanser, for serious burns, visit your vet immediately.

Froze Toes: We call it froze toes when the dogs dash outside in Minnesota winter (science fiction cold) and stop and hold a foot up within moments. Snow crystals can freeze inside their paw pads and does that hurt! Plus, chemicals and salt can be toxic! After outdoor walks, wash your dog’s paws in warm water to rinse away salt and chemicals. You may consider a pair of booties for your cold-weather friend.

An Ounce of Paw-vention: Keep it clean and clear. Make sure there are no nails, broken glass or anything that can cut your dog’s paw pads when you go on a walk. Remember – if you wouldn’t like to walk on it barefoot, neither will your dog!

Build Up: Just as we need to build up to a new exercise regimen, so do our dogs. Do not take them for a long walk across rocky terrain with carpet soft paws. Think walking barefoot across sharp rocks. Paw Empathy.

Footpad Hyperkeratosis: Sometimes you see paw pads that have an overgrowth, like extra paw pad growing up on the sides and maybe an unusual amount of hair in between the pads. This is a whole other thing! It is similar to what you see on dog;s noses that started the whole Nose Butter™ mission. The paw pad variety of this is called Footpad Hyperkeratosis. Hyperkeratosis often runs in bloodlines and results in severe digital hyperkeratosis (overgrowth of crusts and crud) by 5-6 months of age. Once again, not life threatening, but needs to be addressed for their comfort and your peace of mind. Just apply Paw Butter™!

Dry dog paws can be prevented. Paw Butter™ – that is all I am going to say on this. So there. Well, one more time Paw Butter helps dry dog paws feel better and look better.

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