Deluxe Whelping Kit – Puppy (ABNO055)




1 x Pulp Kidney Dish – keep all your whelping tools to hand in this disposable kidney dish. Then used to clean mum down after finished whelping
1 x Sterile umbilical cord scissors – cutting the umbilical cord should you need to.
1 x Sterile forceps – for emergency clamping of the cord should it be required
4 x Sterile alcohol Wipes – To clean instruments in-between use
2 X 5g Gel lubricating jelly – To make inspection / taking temperature easier and help in removing ‘difficult’ puppies or kittens.
1 x digital thermometer – taking females temperature
1 X 50ml hand Sanitiser  – wash your hands without the need for soap and water to be used
1 x Sterile aspirator – for clearing mucus and fluid from airways.
8 x sterilising tablets – For bottles/ feeding tubes
5 x Cord Clamps – Clamping the cord if you get a bleeder with another puppy on route (much quicker and easier than trying to tie them off) We have used these a few times on our own puppies we remove as soon as we feel cord has stopped bleeding which is usually within the hour – If unsure and you now have time tie the cord just below clamp then remove.
1x Lactol Feeding Set (1 Bottle, 3 Teats & 1 Cleaning Brush)
Welpi  Milk – Feeding puppies if needed, can also be given to mum
Digital Scales – for weighing of puppies/kittens (weigh up to 5kg)
Calcium Tablets – With phosphorus and vitamin D. Chocolate flavoured for dogs, puppies, cats and kittens. Invaluable for growing and lactating pets.
10 x I.D Me Velcro Collars Newborn/Kitten 8″ in length

Additional Information
Weight:  2100.0000
Deluxe Whelping Kit – Puppy (ABNO055)