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Delee / Argyle Mucus Extractor (Suction Catheter)



Sterile Suction Catheter/Mucus Extractor Sterile size Fr 10 (3.3mm)

Sterile, Soft, frosted, and kink resistant PVC Tubing Mucus extractor with Filter, designed for aspiration of secretion from Oropharynx in newly born Puppies/Kittens to ensure free respiration. Clear transparent container permits immediate visual examination. Low friction surface catheter is provided with open end silk smooth round tip for trauma free insertion of the aspiration.

The first line of defense against little lungs filled with fluid is the suction catheter. This little tool will give you the ability to suction fluid from the puppies mouth, nose and throat. As seen in the photo, the Extractor has two tubes that lead out of a plastic clear ‘trap’.
The tube with the mouth piece is for your mouth. The tube with the holes on the end is for the puppy/kitten’s mouth. with the small mouth piece in your mouth, and the little tube with the holes in it inside the puppy/kitten’s mouth, throat and nostrils, you exert suction much as if you were sucking a straw. The little tube can go to where ever there is stuff to suction, including behind the tongue.
What ever you suction from the mouth of the puppy gets caught in the clear plastic ‘trap’ and nothing will get into your mouth from the suctioning process.
The Catheter will allow you to suction for several minutes at a time if you need to, as opposed to a bulb syringe, which gives you a nano second of suction. The Catheter is usable for an entire litter and can be taken apart and washed with hot, soapy water and allowed to air dry before reassembly.
Suction Catheters are usable on puppies of any age for suction purposes.

Additional Information
Weight:  20.0000
Delee / Argyle Mucus Extractor (Suction Catheter)