Complete Whelping Kit Expert or Professional – Puppy & Kitten (ABNO063)

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Complete Whelping Kit Expert or Professional – Puppy & Kitten (ABNO063)



Professional has feeding tube kit and Expert has the lactol feeding set

Please let us know what size feeding tube kit is required otherwise 5 French kit will be sent as standard

A comprehensive whelping kit for the more competent breeder – This kit contains all the items we consider essential to have when preparing for whelping. All instruments are medical grade and when stated sterile are sealed in clean packaging and supplied in date. We have not included many items that we would call ‘standard household items’ as this would only increase shipping costs.

All items supplied have been used by ourselves in whelping and over the years we have used everything supplied below (not always in one whelping but it’s better to have some of these things and not need them rather than not have them). We strongly recommend that feeding tubes are used under the guidance of a veterinary professional or other suitable competent person. We have raised puppies on bottles and by tube feeding in the past and have found tube feeding (when done correctly) to be a far safer method of feeding infant puppies.


1 x Sterile scissors – Cutting the umbilical cord should you need to.
1 x Sterile Aspirator – For clearing mucus and fluid from airways.
1 x Sterile Forceps – Clamping of the cord before cutting should it be required
28 x Tyvec ID collars – Perfect for identifying new-born puppies/kittens 2 x each of the 14 unique colours, can be cut in half for smaller new-borns
4 x sterile alcohol Wipes – To clean instruments in-between use
2 X 5g Gel lubricating jelly – To make inspection / taking temperature easier and help in removing ‘difficult’ puppies/kittens.
1 x Pulp Kidney Dish – keep all your whelping tools to hand in this disposable kidney dish. Then used as a bowl to clean mum down after finished whelping
5 x Absorbent pads – Use under mum to soak up fluids/blood while giving birth
5 x Small white towel – For rubbing up puppies/kittens when born (white is used to quickly identify any abnormal discharge colour and/or bleeding)
1 x digital thermometer – Taking females temperature
1 X Hand Sanitiser – Wash your hands without the need for soap and water to be used
1 x Stethoscope. – For listing to puppies/kittens heartbeats later on in pregnancy or listening for heart beats on lifeless puppies/kittens.
1 x 500g Beaphar Lactol puppy milk or 200g Beaphar kitty milk depending on kit , for feeding Puppies or mum
1 x Puppy/Kitten nail scissors
2 x 5 Sterile cotton wool balls
8 x Sterilising tablets – For bottles/ Feeding tubes
2 x Blue wipe down cloths – For cleaning down during/after whelping
1 x sterile 2.5ml syringe – these can be used to orally administer fluids to mum or for feeding puppies/kittens
1 x sterile 5ml syringe – these can be used to orally administer fluids to mum or for feeding puppies/kittens
1 x Sterile 10ml syringe – these can be used to orally administer fluids to mum or for feeding puppies/kittens
1 x Sterile 20ml syringe – these can be used to orally administer fluids to mum or for feeding small puppies/kittens
5 x Pairs of gloves
2 x disposable aprons – Help to keep yourself clean
1 x Sterile dressing 50ml x 45ml
1 x Sterile Adhesive Wound Dressing 7.0cm x 6.0cm
5 x Cord Clamps – Clamping the cord if you get a bleeder with another puppy/kitten on route (much quicker and easier than trying to tie them off) We have used these a few times on our own puppies we remove as soon as we feel cord has stopped bleeding which from our own experience is usually within 30 mins – If you are unsure if bleeding will have stopped when clamp is removed but you now have time between puppies/kittens tie the cord with dental floss/Cotton just below clamp then remove.
1x Lactol Feeding Set (1 Bottle, 3 Teats & 1 Cleaning Brush)

Optional Extras available (Heat Pad, Life Drops Spray 30ml and digital weighing scales available in black or white) to add to this whelping kit Just add them in the dropdown menu above.

Complete Whelping Kit Expert