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Blue Deluxe Pipette Canine Insemination Kit stainless steel rounded tip (6 Insemination Pack)



The Blue Pipette Canine Insemination Kit

The “Blue Deluxe” Pipette with a flex tip syringe adapter is smaller in diameter and has a stainless steel rounded tip with twin side ejection ports,

Key Points

  • Sterile
  • Individually wrapped
  • flex tip syringe adapter
  • stainless steel rounded tip
  • twin side ejection ports
  • Single use only

When done correctly AI with fresh semen produces results equal to a natural mating, things that will reduce the chance of your female getting pregnant are generally to do with the handling of the sperm – factors that will reduce sperm viability are sudden changes in temperature, certain rubbers and water.

Before attempting AI you should have a good working knowledge of the reproductive and urinary tracts of canines or seek professional assistance. This is especially the case if there are any abnormalities in the reproductive tract preventing a natural mating.

Contents –

  • 6 x Sterile Blue Pipettes
  • 6 x 10ml Sterile all plastic syringe
  • 6 x 5g non-spermicidal lubricant tube
  • 6 x Collection Sheaths
  • 6 x 15cc centrifuge tubes (with lid for use if transporting)
  • 6 x Rings for attaching the centrifuge tube to the end cone
7 Inches
Small Breeds
10 Inches
Medium Breeds
14 Inches
Large/Extra Large Breed

These sizes are only GUIDLINES:

Blue Deluxe Pipette Canine Insemination Kit