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Beaphar Cat Spot On Repels Fleas 4 Week Protection



Beaphar Cat Spot On Repels Fleas 4 Week Protection Fleas can cause irritation and make your cat scratch. They can also carry tapeworms and disease. Beaphar Cat Spot On Repels Fleas is the simple and convenient way to repel fleas quickly and effectively, each application lasting up to four weeks. For best results, use early in the season, before fleas are seen. Always use a household insecticide when tackling a flea problem. Active Ingredient: Contains ethyl butylacetylaminoproprionate 4.9% w/w and margosa extract 5.0% w/w. For cats and kittens over 12 weeks of age. Carefully remove the pipette from the blister. To open, simply bend the tip of the pipette back, taking care not to squeeze. Part your cat’s fur on the back of its neck, where it cannot reach when grooming, and apply entire contents of ONE pipette directly onto exposed skin. Squeeze pipette firmly when applying to ensure entire contents are used. Use one pipette only. Do not remove second or third pipettes from packaging until required for future application. Keep the empty carton for future reference. DO NOT MASSAGE THE DROPS INTO THE SKIN. AVOID APPLYING TO FUR. IF ANY LIQUID RUNS DOWN THE FUR, REMOVE THIS WITH A TISSUE OR PIECE OF KITCHEN ROLL. To ensure continuous protection, it is important to re-apply after 28 days. However, if your cat becomes excessively wet, it may be necessary to re-apply earlier. The drops can be re-applied safely after a minimum of seven days.
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Beaphar Cat Spot On Repels Fleas 4 Week Protection

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