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Animal Health Calci Care Liquid 250ml



A liquid calcium supplement. Using a liquid supplement means that the calcium is absorbed more rapidly and completely by the animal. Particularly valuable for growing puppies and kittens, lactating animals and recovery calcium supplement absorbed more rapidly than tablets *Now Light blue liquid not orange

Suggested daily intake:- 1ml/kg body weight direct by mouth or over feed. Eg: 5ml (1tsp) per 5kg (11lb)

Warning: Not suitable for use during pregnancy without veterinary supervision.

When it comes to whelping calcium is not about bones and teeth. The purpose of calcium during whelping is to give strength and intensity to the contraction. Calcium is stored in the bones; its release is regulated by the parathyroid gland. When the demand for calcium in the blood stream is high (such as as during whelping) the parathyroid gland pulls it from the bone in to the blood stream. If it becomes clear that normal labor is slowing down this is when some breeders will give a calcium supplement (check correct dosage instructions on product) and also give glucose as it can help to strengthen and intensify a bitches contractions. When you give calcium orally the bitch`s body will excrete what she does not need, so It is completely safe and does not have any negative side affect’s. CALCIUM SUPPLEMENT should ONLY be given AFTER whelping/contractions have begun.

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