Abnoba’s ORIGINAL Kit – Choose Stethoscope Colour

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Abnoba’s ORIGINAL Kit – Choose Stethoscope Colour



This has been assembled from the requests of our customers, We are fully Registered and Inspected members of The Kennel Club assured Breeders Scheme (UKAS Product Certification 4602), certificate Number 3188020. We have a wealth of breeding and rearing experience gathered over many years, but still feel that changes and improvements are ongoing and have completed several Veterinary CPD (Continued Professional Development) courses to help in this.

We specialise in all breeding and whelping requirements, we only use the highest quality products the vast majority have been tested by ourselves.

Kit contents:

  • 1 x Sterile Scissors, Stainless Steel (Blunt/Blunt for safety); for cutting the cord
  • 1 x Sterile Forceps, Stainlesss Steel; for clamping the cord
  • 1 x Sterile Aspirator, for clearing airways
  • 2 x Hygiene Multi Purpose Skin Wipes
  • 4 x Alcohol Wipes for sterilising instruments
  • 2 x Antibacterial Hand Wipes
  • 1 x Hand Sanitizer l
  • 2 x Individually Sealed Sterile Gloves
  • 1 x Medical Grade Stethoscope (Please select colour from drop down menu)
  • 1 x Lactol Feeding Set or Trixie bottle supplied depending on stocks
  • 2 x Whelping Box Liners (5 ply 75 x 57cm)
  • 14 x Puppy ID Bands – TYVEK (Single use only – can be cut in half to make 28 bands – Check daily and change as required) *ID Bands will be inside box with lactol feeding set
  • 1 x Medical Grade Digital Thermometer with Storage Case
  • 1 x Sterile Lubricating Jelly 5gm


The instruments state single use, but as they are stainless steel they can be re-sterilised and re-used.

Abnoba Pet Store is not responsible for mis-use of any products sold, if in any doubt please consult your vet

*For hygiene and safety reasons this item is non-returnable.

Abnoba’s ORIGINAL Kit