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Abnoba’s Best Value Whelping / Queening Kit 2222




  • 1 x Sterile Scissors – Cutting cord
  • 9 x Alcohol Wipes – Sterilising instruments and thermometer after use
  • 1 x Sterile forceps – Clamping of the cord should it be required
  • 2 x 5g sterile Optilube Lubricating jelly sachets – Help loosen the puppy/kitten when delivering and to place on the thermometer during temp check.
  • 1 x Kidney dish – keeping all instruments together and to hand and use to clean down mum afterwards then throw away!
  • 1 x Digital Thermometer – Record temperature on the PDF chart that is included
  • 5 x Sterile Cord Clamps (single wrapped) – Pinch off umbilical cords in an emergency
  • 1 x Bulb aspirator – Suck out fluid from puppy/kittens nose and throat.
  • 1 x 10ml Iodine – Put on cords once cut to prevent infection.

Please note all sterile items are packaged as single use items only! Many breeders ourselves included will often re use the items for more than one litter. We just re sterilise all instruments before each litter. ALL WHELPING KITS ARRIVE FULLY SEALED IN A BAG FOR HYGIENE
Abnoba Pet Store is not responsible for Mis-use of any products sold, if in any doubt please consult your vet * For hygiene and safety reasons all our whelping kits are non-returnable

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Abnoba’s Best Value Whelping / Queening Kit

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