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60" 14mm, ORANGE - Hem & Boo Dog & Co Soft Touch Rope Collar & lead in one Figure 8 Halter Option



The Soft Touch Rope Lead is Strong, Durable and Soft to Touch perfect for those long walks in all weathers!!

The slip lead is a collar and lead in one; originally designed for working dogs and gun dogs for ease of control and safety by simply slipping the loop over the dogs head.

These slip leads are designed with a leather stopper preventing the slip collar from becoming too loose. The unique metal buckle slider can be used to prevent the lead from becoming too tight and choking your dog.

Also has the Ability to Create a Figure 8 Halter - This is designed to stop your dog from pulling. The comfortable figure-eight is created by fitting around your dog’s upper neck and nose, using the unique buckle slider under the chin to keep in place. The lead then comes off the top of the neck, eliminating pressure on the throat. It does not pull the dog’s face to the side or irritate the eyes like some others on the market. When your dog starts to walk how you want the lead can easily be transformed back to the normal slip lead.

*Abnoba Pet Store cannot be held responsible for the improper use of any products sold or for any injuries inflicted by the use of these products.

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Weight:  200.0000
60" 14mm, ORANGE - Hem & Boo Dog & Co Soft Touch Rope Collar & lead in one Figure 8 Halter Option

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