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6 Alpha Dog Artificial Insemination Full Kit



This kit has enough equipment to carry out 6 complete inseminations

Kit contents :

  1.    6 x Inseminating Rods (individually packaged)
  2.    6 x 10ml Sterile Syringes (Rubber Free)
  3.    6 x 5g sachets Sterile Non-Spermicidal Lube.
  4.    6 x Semen Collection Sheaths
  5.    6 x Pairs of Gloves (Large)

This new AI sheath supplied by Abnoba Pet Store combines animal welfare with an improved reliability of insemination. Thanks to its rounded tip, injected and polished, and an increased resilience at sheath top, its positioning is optimised. 
With its two lateral holes, insemination is performed easily and semen spread more evenly, plus the risk of inserting foreign material is also reduced for a more hygienic process. 
This new design also reduces any semen back flow. 

  1. Polished dome head design, allowing optimum placement
  2. Two lateral exit holes, for reliable and consistent deposit of semen,
  3. Improved hygiene
  4. Transparent head, makes fluids easy to see upon withdrawal
  5. Ultra-smooth, a traumatic flexible and resilient, easier and more accurate placement
  6. Fits a standard Luer Syringe

Some breeders prefer to use the centrifuge tube as it can be easier to withdraw the semen from the tube than it is with the sheath. If using the tube just simply cut the tip of the sheath so that the sheath will slip over the tube and hold in place with the band

Sizes available From drop down above These are a guide only -

  1. 6 inches - Toy Breed
  2. 8 Inches - Small Breeds
  3. 10 Inches - Medium / Large Breeds
  4. 12 Inches - Large / Extra Breeds

When done correctly AI with fresh semen produces results equal to a natural mating, things that will reduce the chance of your female getting pregnant are generally to do with the handling of the sperm - factors that will reduce sperm viability are sudden changes in temperature, certain rubbers and water.

Before attempting AI you should have a good working knowledge of the reproductive and urinary tracts of canines or seek professional assistance. This is especially the case if there are any abnormalities in the reproductive tract preventing a natural mating.

This kit has enough equipment to carry out 6 complete inseminations



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