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5F Sterile Feeding Tube & 2 10ml Syringes



Red rubber tube feeding kits. Available in 5 sizes. You should choose the tube size over your babies size and weight. Each kit should be sterilised after each use. To keep tube soft and flexibe you can keep it in warm water.

Tubes become more rigid when chilled; at body temperature becomes softer, resilient and completely flexible.

Intergral Funnel, two Eyes, rounded closed tip.

The manufacture DO NOT recommend sterilising the tubes and syringes with boiling water, they suggest using warm soapy water then rinsed with cool boiled water or using the sterilising tablets supplied.

When to discard the syringe?

  • Marking on syringe barrel become indistinct or begin to rub off.
  • The plunger becomes stiff to operate.
  • The syringe has been used for 7 days

*most sterile items are packaged as single use items only unless stated as reusable. Many breeders ourselves included will often re use the items for more than one litter. We just re sterilise all instruments before each litter.

Additional Information
Weight:  150.0000
5F Sterile Feeding Tube & 2 10ml Syringes