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30 Disposable Semen Collection Cones / Sheaths



Abnoba Disposable Collection End Cones/Sheaths

These are one-piece plastic sheaths for collecting a dog’s semen in order to perform an AI (artificial insemination) on a female, or to collect canine semen samples for sampling or to ship. The collection sleeves can be cut down or ideally, the top is folded over to form a ‘cuff’ if wanting a shorter sheath to work with.

Sheath Size Approx 295mm / 11.5 inches length.

Before attempting AI you should have a good working knowledge of the reproductive and urinary tracts of canines or seek professional assistance. This is especially the case if there are any abnormalities in the reproductive tract preventing a natural mating. Abnoba Pet Store cannot be held responsible for the improper use of these products or for any injuries inflicted by the use of these products. Artificial Insemination should only be performed by a suitably competent person.

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Weight:  150.0000
30 Disposable Semen Collection Cones / Sheaths

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