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2L Animal Health Wheatgerm Oil Blend



A feed supplement blend containing cold processed/ unrefined wheatgerm oil fortified with vitamins A, D3 and E. Use at breeding time, to improve coat condition, and to promote performance and stamina.

Use: Add to feed when breeding or whenever required

Dosage for Dogs - 1 - 2 teaspoonfuls daily according to size or as recommended by your vet.

Begin feeding 3-4 weeks before expected season, also can help females who have irrigular seasons come into season and is beneficial to give until 3 weeks after mating
Add to Breeding males food to increase sperm quality

Essential Fatty acids for healthy skin and coat
Contains Cold processed unrefined wheatgerm oil
Fortified with Vitimins A,D and E

*This Wheatgerm oil is packaged for Horses, but like many products used for horses it is also used for dogs in smaller quantities.

We have been using this for a short time only with our own show and breeding dogs after being recommended it by another breeder. After a few weeks we could tell the difference in coat and skin condition.

Always consult your vet before beginning the oral treatment.

Regular ingestion of wheat germ by a dog results in several improvements of skin condition,

strengthening skin tissues, what makes a pet tolerate cold weather better;
anti-inflammatory activity against some skin disorders (i.e., flea allergy dermatitis), redness and itchiness;
lessening a dog’s susceptibility to mite infestation.
support a healthy skin, coat and reproductive system.
External treating with wheat germ oil nourishes and moisturizes a dog’s skin and coat; helps heal small cuts and irritations. It is also good on chapped paws and ears.

Wheat germ oil for a dog’s health benefits

Due to Vitamin E and Omega 3&6 fatty acids wheat germ oil contributes to the normal growth of the body cells, functioning and regeneration of nerves and muscles. It will provide some relief for gastrointestinal parasitic infections (worms).

Omega-6 especially helps fight chronic illness (cancer, FIP, FIV), infections and skin dryness. Omega-3 controls inflammation, benefits the heart and kidneys, improves mood and increases trainability. It is the best choice for pets with inflammatory (glomerulonephritis, arthritis) and auto-immune (rheumatoid arthritis, pemphigus) conditions, with allergy (flea allergy dermatitis). Vitamin E enhances the activity of fatty acids due to its antioxidant properties.

The excess amount of fatty acids may cause diarrhea. Be also aware of the allergy to wheat that many dogs have.

Abnoba Pet Store is not responsible for mis-use of any products sold

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2lL Animal Health Wheatgerm Oil

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