2 Miracle Nipple Large with 10ml & 20ml Syringe



Pack of 2 Miracle Large Nipples with 1 20ml and 1 10ml syringe

Just arrived. The brand new Large Miracle Nipple. Designed for medium to larger mammals such as raccoons, medium to large breed puppies, large exotic cats, coyotes, fox, bobcat, etc. This large nipple will fit on a regular nurser bottle or a luer lock tip syringe. We do recommend using a syringe when hand feeding your infant animals due to less chance of aspiration. If you love the Mini and the Original Miracle Nipple, we know your going to love this nipple for your larger babies.

Please note: When purchasing syringes to use with the “Miracle Nipple” we recommend for sizes larger than a 3cc syringe that you purchase the “Luer Lock” style syringe.

* You may find that the markings on syringe will fade/dissapear after a being sterilised many times we recommend marking the syringe with a marker pen, or purchasing some spare syringes as a backup.

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2 Miracle Nipple Large with 10ml & 20ml Syringe

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