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15g Sterile Manuka Fill - 100% Pure Honey Medical-grade



  • MANUKA honey in a 45g or 15g tube
  • All-purpose wound dressing
  • Perfect for hard to dress areas

MANUKA FILL is a new advanced wound care dressing with 100% pure medical-grade MANUKA honey offering veterinarians a potent new weapon to jumpstart the wound healing process and fight infection.

Made with 100% active medical-grade MANUKA honey, MANUKA FILL is an exciting new wound care product from LMP Animal Health. It provides veterinarians with a superior all-purpose dressing to help manage and treat animal wounds and burns. In addition, MANUKA FILL speeds healing while promoting autolytic debridement and a rapid reduction in wound malodor all while maintaining a moist wound environment conducive to improving wound healing.

MANUKA FILL honey dressing may be used for:

  • Trauma wounds
  • Surgical wounds
  • Ulcerated wounds
  • 1st & 2nd degree burns
  • Lacerations
  • Abrasions



MANUKA FILL sterile 100% active medical-grade MANUKA honey in an easy to use tube for direct application to wounds, or to any type of dressing.

Ideal for a variety of partial or hard to dress areas and full-thickness wounds with low to moderate levels of exudate, including burns, skin tears, and small abrasions.

Great care is taken to ensure the new LMP Animal Health wound care products meet the highest standard of purity and bioactivity. LMP Animal Health's brand of medical-grade MANUKA honey is finely filtered to remove all processing particles and sterilized to eliminate bacteria, microorganisms, and spores. And all without loss in the honey's biologic strength.

Abnoba Pet Store is not responsible for mis-use of any products sold, if i any doubt please consult your vet

As this item is sterile for hygiene and safety reasons this item in non-returnable


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15g Sterile Manuka Fill - 100% Pure Honey Medical-grade

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