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12 Wagging Tailz Velcro Puppy Whelping Bands & Tiny Totz Follow on Collars Set Hearts Design



Wagging Tailz Puppy/Kitten ID Bands are very unique with the sweet Hearts design

What makes our bands different?

Wagging Tailz Puppy/Kitten ID Bands are very soft, thin and lightweight allowing the material to be used on newborn kittens and puppies. Our new and improved design is like no other. Currently the products in the market are of a Velcro design and the general feedback is that they are too stiff and rough, causing skin irritation for kittens and puppies.

Breeders and dog/cat lovers are quickly falling in love with the Wagging Tailz Puppy/Kitten ID Bands for their newborn puppies and kittens.

With wagging Tailz new improved Velcro bands you can be rest assured our bands will not attach to other kitten collars, they are adjustable, no buckle or strings, easy wrap-around design, and require a great deal of strength to loosen or detach (even for the most mischievous puppies).

– Suitable from Newborn to 8 weeks

– 12 Collars, 12 different colours

– Self-Attaching and lightweight

– Easy wrap-around design

– Adjustable

– Durable

– Won’t stick to other collars or bedding (if applied correctly)

– Washable and Reusable
Each package come with 12 assorted colour id bands.

20cm Length x
1cm Width
Suitable for newborns (Small breeds) up to 4 weeks
– Toy breeds suitable from birth to 8 weeks
30 cm Length x
1cm Width
Suitable for medium Breeds – Larger breeds this size is suitable from birth to 4 weeks
35 cm Length x
1cm Width
Suitable for Larger Breeds
40 cm Length x
1cm Width
Suitable for Giant & Longer haired breeds

*** Not suitable for hairless breeds ***

Wagging Tailz has just released Tiny Totz Follow On Collars – designed to follow on from Puppy ID Bands range love hearts.
Our Tiny Totz Follow On Collars can be used on puppies from 6-12/14 weeks old. If we take a closer look at the life cycle of a puppy you will find by 6 weeks puppies are becoming very adventurous, mischievous and rebellious. Play-time with litter mates becomes a little bit rougher and each puppy has developed their own unique personalities.The Tiny Totz collars are the perfect fit for this phase as the soft nylon material can withstand the biting, pulling and tugging. Also Featuring a metal d-ring you can now start basic lead training which is a great incentive for your puppy packs

Daily Checks

  • Check fit everyday, and adjust to allow growth.
  • Check objects cannot fit underneath the collars, such as little feet and legs.
  • Check they are not placed on too tight, the collars should be comfortable to wear, and that your puppy/kitten sufficient neck to attach a collar to – not all breeds have a decent neck length as babies.

Why Identify puppies from birth?

  • All of the most experienced and conscientious breeders identify infant animals from birth. This allows weight charts, medication & worming records to be kept in a very simple manner. Should a puppy / kitten fail to gain or start to loose weight, this can be the first signs of something wrong and that intervention may be needed. To ensure all the babies feed regularly and that one is not getting pushed out. To monitor the progress and character of the babies.
12 Wagging Tailz Velcro Puppy Whelping