Nettex Life-Line Kitten Net-tex survival kits for newborns, CAT BREEDER NUTRI-DROPS AND FIRST LIFE KITTEN COLOSTRUM



LifeLine for Kittens

Cat Breeder Nutri-Drops 30ml dropper bottle and First Life Kitten Colostrum 100g tub available as a combination survival kit.

First Life Kitten Colostrum

  • 100% colostrum derived supplement for orphan kittens
  • Formulated to match the queens colostrum
  • Use as a routine first feed for kittens for the first 36 hours of life
  • First life will keep in liquid for up to 72 hours

Administer: Mix one scoop (10g) to 20ml of warm water. Feed 2cc of mixture per 50g body weight every 2 hours.

Cat Breeder Nutri-Drops

  • Liquid source of glucose, vitamin B, amino acids, vitamins A, D and E and trace minerals
  • Provides rapid absorption of essential nutrients and energy for kittens and queens
  • Helps stimulate appetite

0.1ml per 90gm bodyweight
Critical Aid: 1ml (one pump) per 1.36kg bodyweight.
Slow kittening Queen: 0.5ml per 2.25 kg bodyweight

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Nettex LifeLine for Kittens

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