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Interpet No. 9 Anti Internal Bacteria 100mls



Anti Internal Bacteria Treatment 100ml by Interpet (No. 9 in their Aquarium Treatment range) is  used to treat internal systemic bacterial infections (e.g. pseudomonas, aeromonas, vibrio bacteria sp.) and these are a common cause of death in aquarium fish, previously only treatable with veterinary prescribed antibiotics. Anti Internal Bacteria is a breakthrough product, which halts the progress of bacterial problems and prevents them spreading.

Interpet Anti Internal Bacteria is for use in coldwater, marine and tropical freshwater aquariums.


  • 100ml Anti Internal Bacteria treatment (Treats 500 litres)
  • Pipette
  • Measuring Cap
  • Guide to Fish Health
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Interpet No. 9 Anti Internal Bacteria 100mls

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