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Interpet No.12 Anti Crustacean Parasite 100ml



Anti Crustacean Treatment 100ml by Interpet (No. 12 in their Aquarium Treatment range) is a unique powerful treatment for the eradication of higher parasites in aquariums, such as Anchor Worm, Lernea sp., Gill Maggots and Fish Lice. Larger higher level parasites can be introduced into the aquarium on new fish or plants. They cause life-threatening damage and should be eradicated quickly. Crustacean parasites are very difficult to eradicate so this treatment is powerful. Therefore, take care to carefully follow all instructions and note all warnings.

Interpet Anti Crustacean is for use in coldwater, marine and tropical freshwater aquariums.


  • 100ml Anti Crustacean & Parasite treatment (Treats 500 litres)
  • Pipette
  • Measuring Cap
  • Guide to Fish Health
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Weight:  200.0000
Interpet No.12 Anti Crustacean Parasite 100ml

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