Beaphar Household Flea Fogger



Beaphar FIPROtec® Spot On Solution for Cats kills fleas and ticks on your cat at the time of treatment, and continues to kill fleas for up to 5 weeks. It is important to establish a regular flea control routine for cats and the household. Cats who spend a lot of time outside are especially at risk from fleas and ticks. Suitable for cats over 2 months of age and weighing more than 1kg.

Active Ingredient: Fipronil

The Beaphar Household Flea Fogger is developed to target all life stages of fleas, Killing adult fleas, larvae and eggs. It is also effective against insect and mite infestations. Its formulation includes a fast acting insecticide to kill adult fleas and an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR), which prevents the development of larvae and eggs, therefore breaking the life cycle.
The effect of the Fogger is immediate, and, due to the prolonged action of the Insect Growth Regulator, the home should be protected for up to six months.
The Fogger action produces tiny droplets, which allows the active ingredients to reach any eggs, larvae and adult insects which are hidden within carpets, skirting boards and cracks in floors.
Size: 75ml
Active Ingredients: Permethrin 1.62%, (S)-methoprene 0.15%.
Begin by measuring the area for treatment. One Beaphar Household Flea Fogger treats 25m2. Turn off any electrical devices in operation and any flame or heat source (water heaters etc).
1. Close all windows, open all interior doors and cupboards for treatment. Remove food and food utensils. Keep pets out of the room and move or cover aquariums.
2. Place the product in the centre of each treatment area (up to 25m2). Press the tab until it remains locked.
3. Exit the room being treated and close the door firmly.
4. Wait three hours before re-entering the room and then ventilate for one hour.
Do not use in kitchens and food preparation areas.
  • Read label before use.
  • Keep out of reach of children. 
  • Extremely flammable aerosol.
  • Pressurised container: May burst if heated. 
  • Causes skin irritation. May cause an allergic skin reaction. 
  • Very toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects. 
  • If medical advice is needed, have product container or label at hand. 
  • Keep away from heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames and other ignition sources. No smoking. Do not spray on an open flame or other ignition source. Do not pierce or burn, even after use.
  • Avoid breathing dust/fume/gas/ mist/vapours/spray. If on skin, wash with plenty of water. 
Storage: Protect from sunlight. Do no expose to temperatures exceeding 50°C/122°F. 
Dispose of contents/container according to the local rules.


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Beaphar Household Flea Fogger

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