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Algarde de-luxe gravel cleaner



The Algarde De-luxe Gravel Cleaner is a syphon-based cleaner to remove debris from the tank gravel. The standard aquarium gravel cleaner removes trapped debris and waste from aquarium gravel without disturbing your fish.

Directions for use:

Push end of veriflex tube onto elbow and place the other end in a bucket positioned bellow level of aquarium
Immerse body of cleaner into the aquarium so that the cap is at water level and holding the cap in one hand, pump rigid tube up and down with the other hand until the syphon action starts.
Then lock the rigid tube in the raised position with a lift and twist motion to form the handle. (use minimal force to start syphon.)

Use the handle to gentle push the body of the gravel cleaner into the gravel to an approximate depth of 13mm (1/2″). Withdraw to surface of the gravel and allow the gravel to rise up the body until quarter full.

Stop the water flow using the on/off syphon tap provided.

Lift cleaner clear of gravel bed, allowing the gravel in the tube to drop leaving dirt and debris suspended in the tube.
Open syphon tap to restart syphon allowing any debris to go into the bucket
A strainer is incorporated in the gravel cleaner to stop the gravel being syphoned out of the aquarium with the water.
Continue to repeat the process throughout the aquarium, remembering to check the water level in the bucket.

To unlock handle, reverse locking procedure; i.e. twist and push downwards.

IMPORTANT Do Not remove more than 20 – 30% of the aquarium water. Replacement water should be conditioned and at the same temperature as the water in the aquarium

Additional Information
Weight:  20.0000
Algarde de-luxe gravel cleaner