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Abnobas Comprehensive Queening Kit



After each kitten is born, the mom typically breaks the amniotic sac, tears the umbilical cord, and begins to clean the kitten. (if mum does not do this you will need to step in and break the sack, pinch the Umbilical cord about 13mm from belly with the Sterile forceps, then cut with the sterile Umbilcal Cord Scissors and apply Iodine to cord.The kitten should begin moving and crying. Any kitten that does not immediately move or cry should be retrieved and rubbed vigorously with a warm, clean towel over the back, abdomen, and top of its head. Suction of fluids from the nostrils and mouth with the bulb aspirator may help the kitten's breathing. Life drops spray is a respiratory stimulant, and is often given to newborn kittens to help them begin breathing. Use One spray directly into mouth when required. Repeat every 10-15 mins until improvement is seen. Kittens can be given the Nettex nutridrops to give extra boost. Colostrum can be given to weaker kittens who need that extra help using the Royal Canin Bottle or the lifeline Nursers supplied and left over can be given to mum. The RC Milk is suitable from birth through weaning (Can milk in with food or on own in bowl/bottle)

                   ♥ 9 x Alcohol wipes

                   ♥ 5 x Cotton White Towels

                   ♥ 1 x Thermometor with storage case

                   ♥ 1 x Sterile Bulb Syringe Aspirator

                   ♥ 2 x Pairs of Vitrile gloves

                   ♥ 1 x 5g Lubricating jelly

                   ♥ 1 x Stethoscope

                   ♥ 1 x Sterile Forceps

                   ♥ 1 x Sterile Umbilical Cord Scissors

                   ♥ 1 x 30ml Iodine

                   ♥ 10 x Super Soft Hook & Loop I.D.Me Collars 8" in Length

                   ♥ 300g ROYAL CANIN Babycat Milk (3 x 100g Sachets) Complete                          with bottle measure scoop and 3 teats

                   ♥ 3 x Lifeline Nurser Feeders 1ml,3ml and 5ml supplied,

                   ♥ 2 x Disposable Absorbent Pads

                   ♥ 1 x Sterile Umbilical Cord Clamp

                   ♥ 1 x Life Drops Spray 30ml

                   ♥ 1 x Nettex Kitten Life-Line Pack

                   ♥ 1 x Beaphar Worming Cream 

*Please note scales are no longer in this kit due to manufacture delays - price has been lowered for this kit without scales.

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Weight:  3000.0000
Abnobas Comprehensive Queening Kit