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Abnoba’s ESSENTIAL Puppy Whelping Kit Beaphar Lactol Milk Bottle Iodine ID Bands & More



*All whelping kits come in a sealed bag keeping everything clean and together until ready to use it

28 x ID bands - Perfect for identifying new-born puppies 14 unique colous - We cut these in half to make 2 bands making total of 56 Bands (4 Each colour). Check fit daily and change as required. *Not Reusable

1 x Sterile Stainless Steel Scissors Blunt/Blunt for safety - Cutting the umbilical cord should you need to

1 x Sterile Stainless Steel forceps – Emergency clamping of the cord should it required

4 x Sterile Alcohol wipes - Clean instruments in-between use. This is our preferred wipe for cleaning medical instruments, it provides superior anti-microbrial properties over the standard 70% Sani Cloth (which we find too dry)  has more liquid content providing a better clean, the chlorhexcidine gives added protection killing germs after the alcohol evaporates.

1 FREE 10ml Iodine - Use on umbilical cords after birth to prevent infection in the cord.

1 x 250g Beaphar Lactol Milk - This can be fed as a feed supplement or top up for puppies, mums love this too.

1 x Feeding bottle, teats and cleaning brush

1 x Stethoscope - This is a useful tool to listen to puppies heart beats later on in pregnancy, some breeders have skill and can even tell the sex of puppies. Also used to detect a heart beat on lifeless newborn puppies. (We have 6 colours available - If you have a preferred colour choice message us at checkout) Red, Yellow, Pink, Blue, Black or Purple.

2 x 5g Gel lubricating jelly - Always use lubrication when making an inspection / taking temperature and help in removing ‘difficult’ puppies/kittens.

5 x Small white Cotton  towels - For rubbing and warming up puppies/kittens when born (white is used to quickly identify any abnormal discharge colour and/or bleeding)

1 x Digital thermometer and storage case - Taking females temperature as this will usually drop within 24 hours of labour

2 x Whelping Box Liners - Use under mum   to soak up fluids/blood while giving birth then throw away

1 x Puppy Nail Scissors - Keep Puppy nails short to prevent scratching mum and people who are handling them. Some Puppies are born with sharp long nails and need cutting in first few days.

1 x Sterile Aspirator – For clearing mucus and fluid from airways just after puppy is born.
2 x Disposable Aprons - Keep your clothes clean while assisting delivery - some of the fluids from delivery will stain carpets / clothes

2 x Pairs of Vitrile Gloves (LARGE) - should be worn at all times when giving assistance to the mother to prevent infection. Single Use gloves Ideal choice who are allergic to Latex.

2 x Clinell Antibacterial Hand Wipes (Alcohol Free) The most effective antibacterial hand wipe available. These highly effective individually wrapped hand wipes clean and disinfect hands in one easy step without the need for soap and water.  The patented formula impregnated into the wipe is proven to kill 99.999% of germs in a little as 10 seconds and continues to work for a further 24 hours. Clinell hand wipes can be used effectively on soiled hands to remove dirt as well as sanitising. Wipe Size:  20cm x 20cm

2 x 5ml Feeding Nursers Syringes with teats - Ideal to get fluids/Milk into puppies that fail to suckle to start.*THESE TEATS DO NOT COME WITH HOLE IN TEAT, DO NOT USE BOILING WATER TO STERILISE.

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Abnoba’s ESSENTIAL Puppy Whelping

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