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Abnoba’s Comprehensive Puppy Whelping Kit



♥ 9 x Alcohol wipes – Cleaning Instruments & scales after use 
♥ 5 x Cotton White Towels – To Dry and warm up puppy (White is used so breeder can quickly see any discharge colour or bleeding) 
♥ 1 x Thermometor with storage case – 12 – 24 hours prior to giving birth, the mother’s temperature may drop. (Normally at least One degree drop indicates labour starting) 
♥ 1 x Sterile Bulb Syringe Aspirator – to remove mucus and debris from the puppies’ nostrils and mouth 
♥ 2 x Pairs of Vitrile gloves – should be worn at all times when giving assistance to the mother 
♥ 2 x 5g Lubricating jelly – should be applied generously to the dog’s vulvar area and hands or equipment before attempting to give assistance 
♥ 1 x Stethoscope – A useful instrument to detect fetal heartbeats before and after delivery.(between 7 and 8 weeks They sound like a really quick tick tick tick) Also used to detect hearbeats of lifeless Puppies 
♥ 1 x Sterile Forceps – Clamping the cord before cutting should the mum not do this. 
♥ 1 x Sterile Umbilical Cord Scissors – Cutting the cord should mum not do this 
♥ 1 x 10ml Iodine – Put on cords after cutting/mum biting of to prevent infection 
♥ 10 x Super Soft Hook & Loop I.D.Me Collars – Can be used straight after birth to easily identify Puppies 
♥ 400g Babydog Milk (4 x 100g Sachets) Complete with bottle measure scoop and 3 teats 
♥ 3 x Lifeline Nurser Feeders 1ml, 2ml and 5ml supplied, Lifeline Pet Nursers are a unique combination of the accuracy of syringe feeding with the simplicity of bottle feeding.They let you easily see how much your baby is taking in and provide a more natural feel with minimal to no air ingestion.(These are new into us direct from the USA, We are currently the only UK Suppliers of these) 
♥ 2 x Large Whelping Box Liners – used under mum while delivering to soak up mess. 
♥ 1 x Small reusable cord clamp 38mm total legnth – This can be used in an emergency to clamp cord if you have problem with it bleeding and another puppy on the way so no time to tie off. 
♥ 1 x Life Drops Spray 30ml – To initiate or stimulate respiration to newborns that are failing to thrive following difficult birth or Caesarean section. Suggested use: One spray directly into mouth when required. Repeat every 10-15 mins until improvement is seen. 
♥ 1 x Puppy Life-Line Pack – Pet Breeder Nutri-drops and First Life Colostrum are available as a combination survival kit. The essential tool for Dog breeders. Packagaging 100gm Colostrum and 30ml Pet Breeder Nutridrops 
♥ 1 x Beaphar Worming Cream – Used to worm puppies from 2 weeks of age. 

The instruments state single use, but as they are stainless steel they can be re-sterilised and re-used.

Abnoba Pet Store is not responsible for mis-use of any products sold, if in any doubt please consult your vet

*For hygiene and safety reasons this item is non-returnable.

*Please note scales are no longer in this kit due to manufacture delays - price has been lowered for this kit without scales.

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Abnoba’s Comprehensive Puppy Whelping Kit