5 Generation Pedigree form Complete Custom Printed on Quality Paper



5 Generation Pedigree Printed on A4 Quality Gold Parchment
For the more professional breeder wishing to offer a more impressive pedigree to their new potential puppy / kitten owners. We use these in our own puppy packs as they look much nicer than the Kennel Club ones and are a fraction of the cost!

Simply select the number of pedigree’s required, once Ebay purchase is complete forward the following to us at info@abnobapetstore.co.uk

Sire / Tom’s – Pedigree (scan/photo of original)

Dam / Queen’s – Pedigree (scan/photo of orignal)

Registered name (KC/GCCF/TICA or other registration body) of each progeny and sex

Registration numbers of each progeny (if required)

Date of Birth

Breeder Name and address (if required)

Item will usually be shipped within 3 working days of receiving all the required information. We will send a proof of pedigree to you by email so please make sure you have correct email address with your order. When complete please check all information carefully.

As this is a custom made product buyer is responsible for accuracy of information supplied. Errors made by buyers cannot be corrected under our returns policy – please ensure all details supplied are correct in first instance..

Any questions please feel free to call or email us.

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5 Generation Pedigree form Complete Custom Printed on Quality Paper

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